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Cute As A Bunny

April 5, 2010

Easter was a success! Not only was it not stressful but it was fun being with all the family back in my hometown. We woke up early (like, really early. 7:40, hey, thats early for us) so we could give Elle her easter basket and get ready for the early morning service at church. She recieved a few dresses and a loud spina nd learn toy from the Easter Bunny. Afterward we headed over and saw all the family (my fam is a two hours drive 😦 ). But the promise of delicious food was the deciding factor so we hit the road. Just kidding, we wanted and love spening time with the family 🙂 Big Smile! Elle loved the table food she was allowed to eat like bits of ham, some cabbage, stewed tomatoes and the list goes on. And the Easter Egg hunt was fun for her as well. I was a little surprised at how well she did with all the family in one house because usually she’s more of a give me time and then Ill let you hold me type baby. But it was a great time we had!

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