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8 is the Special Number

April 10, 2010

O I love the number 8. More then I can describe. 8 is the number of relaxation, of rejuvenation, and of meditation. Maybe I should explain. All day is pretty hectic but at 8 (I love the way it sounds) Little One is put in bed and I get to go downstairs and sit. Some nights I just sit for an hour until Daddy comes home, sometimes a LOST episode, sometimes a  post. But no matter what I do its what I do for myself that makes it all the more special. Let me take you through a typical day of me.

8:30: Little One starts to stir and lets out little babbles but is still content with rolling around in her crib. I hear this because like all mothers I have special powers that let me hear her little murmurs no matter where I am in the world.

9:00- I thank everything that is holy that  I got to sleep in (or at least just lay there in bed) 30 minutes later but by then I feel pretty bad about leaving her in the crib so I get up and go start her bottle in the warmer thingy and get her changed and downstairs to let her Daddy sleep in. After her belly is full I put her in the playpen and go upstairs to get myself ready for the day.

10:30-Time for about 4 oz. of rice cereal and some fruit if she wants any (which she usually doesn’t).

11:00-Playtime with mommy after breakfast!! I sit down and we sing and dance and I tell her how today is the day she shall sit and crawl all by herself which she never listens to. I hear Daddy stirring upstairs.

11:30- Daddy makes his appearance and its as if Mommy doesn’t exists (which Im fine with becuase it gives me time to finish getting ready and do a couple minutes of cleaning in the kitchen

12:00- Daddy goes back upstairs to get ready for work and little One goes down for a nap(while checking her email and her fav. websites)

1:00- Daddy’s at work and the day is full of cleaning and play. After her afternoon bottle and lunch which is 4 oz. of veggie and 4 oz. fruit

3:00- Snack Time (Yogurt and cherrios)

4:00-Outdoor time she gets to help me do some gardening and yard work or we go for a stroller ride around the neighborhood.

6:00- Dinner Bottle of 8 oz, while mommy reads. Then afterward I get to make dinner (if I am making dinner that night)

6:30-Little Ones dinner (4 oz veggie 4 oz. fruit)

7:00-playtime with mummy once again

7:30- Our bedtime routine which is bath then settle down with a book

8:00- Little Ones in bed and I get to come downstairs and do whatever I want to do before Daddy gets home at 9:30

Not to bad of a schedule but its a full one. 🙂

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