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Green Thinking

April 15, 2010

Me and Daddy are definitely green minded. We both try to have the least amount of impact on the environment and we also try to help it out some by promoting a green lifestyle. Here is a couple of things we do:

1. Recycle!– of course we recycle anything we possibly can and it helps that Richmond has a awesome pick up system for our box of recyclables.

2. Homemade Cleaning Supplies for cleaning the kitchen and all that jazz I just have a spray bottle of vinegar and water and I also mop with that as well.

3. Rags not Towels while we do actually still have paper towels thats only for rare occasions. I clean with reusable rags.

4. Compost this one is a iffy becuase we do have a compost bin but we haven’t moved it over to our house yet (since we moved in 3 months ago) but when we have it we do compost!

5. Real Wood Most of all the furniture we use is real wood and not that fake stuff. Little Ones Crib is real wood, our bookcases, rocker, swing and stuff.

6. LED Lights-we made the switch

There is so much more things I want to to to be more green like…

The Wish List

1. Install more efficient windows in our house–we have to original windows…not efficient at all

2. Rain Barrel-but first we need gutters

3. Compost Bin-Move it to the new house!!

4. Garden I really want to grow my own food. But I think our land is a lot to shady and i don’t know how to garden

My Little Farmer's Helper helping me do some yard work

5. Farmers Markets–I am really trying to get out there and shop locally for some fresh veggies and fruits!! (A Free Fun Outing!)

Theres still so much we can do to better ourselves but these are just a few things I could think of at this moment

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