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Moving on UP

April 21, 2010

Well we are finally getting a move on finishing moving. Since we moved into our first house the two downstairs bedrooms have been designated as the box rooms while the two upstairs rooms serve as bedroom and nursery. Now we have a game plan and I’m ready and excited to get to it. We have decided to make the room that was supposed to be her nursery downstairs into a multipurpose room. Daddy bought these foam pads from Sears that I put down today for his weights to go on. One pack of 6 is carpeted and the other pack he bought is just the foam. They are super easy to put down and situate (it took me a total of 2 minutes to put down). And the carpeted ones look really good. The foam pads I put down on the other side of the room and we will use those to put out bikes on because neither one us likes having out precious mountain bikes sitting outside in the shed. So hopefully tomorrow when it’s not raining like it is today I’ll bring the bikes in and get them all cozy in their new home. Now all we have to do is get some paint for the room since the walls are pink and green (for Gabby) and I doubt Daddy wants to stare at pink walls while he is being all manly and working out and getting buff for the summer.

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