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Blink Of An Eye

April 25, 2010

It happened, at least I think, I’m not sure if it was my imagination or my wishful thinking but several days ago I swear I saw her sit up by herself. Did it happen though? I’ve been watching her like a hawk waiting for it to happen again but nada, nothing. Was it a figment of my imagination? It happened so fast that I could have been mistaken. I was so excited I didn’t even give her time to comprehend the fact of the amazing feat she accomplished before I grabbed her and threw her in the air with a “YAY!! MY BIG GIRL!!! YOU SAT UP” then running upstairs to Daddy so he could kiss her and tell her the same thing. But alas, nothing for several days. Is this the way it’s going to be Gabby? Your going to torture me? Your going to tease me with that success and not preform again? Sometimes I admire your willpower. Here’s my little tormentor: eerrrr. Mocking me

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