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What A Day Mother’s Day!

May 12, 2010

Sleeep!! Such wonderful bliss I had Sunday when Daddy chose to let me sleep in till 11:00 (when I awoke from my glorious slumber). Such refreshment! Such rejuvenation! Sleep is such a rare commodity in this household for some (cough cough). I took it for granted and now Im suffering from that little gift because all I want to do is sleep the day away everyday which of course I can’t becuase you are now reading the words of a working mother! Yes that didn’t deceive your precious eyes. I have a job and today was my third day of many! It’s such a relaxing job (so far). Im a bowling alley girl. In the meantime Gabby is heading over to her great grandmothers house every couple of days for a couple of hours (Daddy and my schedule is great becuase she’ll only be away from both of us for three hours on the days I work :)) at least so far. So good news today!

When I first became a mommy

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