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Year One- Part 1

June 23, 2010

That time has come. That time where she’s no longer my sweet adorable baby but a sweet adorable toddler, but in my heart she’ll always be that baby girl (cliché I know). I really don’t want her to grow up, 18 years will go by too fast. This first year has been the most challenging, most frustrating, most awarding, most beautiful and definitely the best year of my life. It certainly hasn’t been no walk in the park for any of us even though we took plenty. Our story sounds more like a sitcom on ABC

” Tonight on ABC family

2 strangers fall in love one summer

Find out they are having a baby

And try to start a family while still getting to know one another

I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world. With every laugh we grow more close and with every disagreement we learn more about each other. Every day is a learning experience between us all. It is amazing to see the changes we make in each other every day. Miette is learning how to be her own person with her own independence (though she get highly upset when she can’t actually do things herself, like walking). It’s so magical watching this little girl emerge.


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