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happy birthday happy birthday

June 30, 2010

The theme for Miette’s First Birthday was ladybugs first and foremost because her mommy is such a huge fan of the little buggies. So I made the invitations in like 10 minutes (mainly because I ran out of time and had to send them that day or else no one would have gotten an invitation at all)

We had a small family get together at my hometown on the Rappahanock River which was beautiful! And the weather was amazing as well,if not a little on the hot side. It was to windy to really to put up any decorations like tablecloths so it was a nice relaxing picnic buffet, with fried chicken, my mom’s amazing seafood salad, baked beans, potato salad, some tasty tortilla dip that my aunt made, with much more and a delicious ukrops cake to top it all off.

Mommy and Birthday Girl walking on the shore

The Big Birthday Cake

Miette's Little Cake that didn't quite make the 2 hr drive unharmed

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