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Be So Pleased!

July 7, 2010

We’ve been having a time with feeding this little girl and adding a lot of variety in all of our diets. It’s finally getting easier and at least I’m having a bit more fun in makin us food and actually having a set feeding routine. I have had the worst eating habits and now I’m working on changing that. Here’s a few tidbits of things we’ve been eating this week.   

Usually for breakfast baby feasts on a omelette or rice, or have bites of mommy’s usual of yogurt and granola or some banana oatmeal (courtesy of Kath Eats Real Food):   

Some organic Stonyfield vanilla yogurt and natural toasted almond granola from Good Foods


Delicious Oatmeal with banana!!


 A couple of lunches:   

Mommy and Baby shared a delicious chicken,green and red pepper, onion taco for lunch that Daddy prepared for us


Little One had some english muffin pizzas with a side of mixed fruits....what a mess 🙂


while mommy enjoyed the same

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