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Another Day Another Way

July 14, 2010

Daddy came home last night with some flowers just for me for no reason!! Go Daddy! 

Love Flowers

He also bought home a big packages of Twinkies darn him. I had my first twinkie last year and fell in love but I eat them on a very rare occasion like once every 6 months so I popped one in last night. Now I have to resist the devils in the cabinet. He knows my weakness. 


We settled down for a movie and a brew. I tried the Magic Hat Wacko. 

Pretty Good but the beet juice color threw me off a bit


But enough about last night today I’m starting the day off right with some overnight oats while feeding Miette some yogurt with fruit (trying to eat it all up before it goes bad). Plan to hit the gym later this evening but I’m also attempting baking homemade whole wheat bread Yikes! I’ll keep you posted on how that one turns out. 

This is the overnight oats last night before refrigeration


I added some Honey Almond Granola this morning. 


Miette's Stonyfield Yogurt with Strawberries

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