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July 15, 2010

Miette is being a real fart when it comes to eating her vegetables. Today I tried to coerce her into eating some glazed carrots and lima beans instead of just giving it to her raw like I normally do. It was a tiny bit successful, I saw a few travel into her mouth.  

A heaping of carrots and lima beans with a side of double fiber muffin with thin layer of nutella


 I finally blew up the inflatable pool Miette received from her Aunt Des for her birthday (Thanks) and we played for a bit outside in the water practicing blowing our bubbles and splashing.  







I tried making the bread but that whole wheat bread recipe didn’t really work out so well for me, I need to do a bit more research and find another one. I mixed all the ingredients in the bowl then let it sit for about 2 hrs, shaped it into the greased bread pan and let it sit for about 3 hours, then put in the oven for about 40 minutes (still a bit doughy though).  

All ingredients in the Bowl before mixing


Before 2nd rising


Finished product..small wee thing


Then for dinner I roasted some organic red potatoes and fried some catfish, she also had a little slice of my homemade wheat bread which she ate up.  

Mommy's Plate


Miette's Plate (she had some more veggies but those were eaten/thrown on the floor while mommy cooked)


Most of her Carrots and Lima Beans on the floor

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