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That New Thing of Mine

July 30, 2010

 After my first yoga class I fell in love. I am so excited to get back into the studio tomorrow at 5:30!!! Wait a second here, remember that I’m the type of girl who moans when at 9:00 my little lovely bundle of joy starts talking and wanting to get up so be proud of my determination of getting up at 4:30 to get ready for this class!! But this is determined me and I want to start getting up early so I have some time to work out instead of using time as an excuse. Now, if I only lived in Waynesboro or Cville I could drag m bf Courtney with me and we could go workout together but considering I have no bf in this place I have to make do with working out by my lonesome (unless I find a workout buddy in one of my classes!*fingers crossed*) So now that I am back in the Richmond area I’m going to be a fitness and health nut (much to Ian’s joy lol) and I’m super duper excited. 

I’m the type of person who once they enjoy something, they really get into it. When I say really get into it I mean a little too much into it. I love to research it and have everything I need for it and just be a walking mega monster of knowledge on the subject. So thus begins my yoga craze. Watch out lovelies for several (who am I kidding here!) a lot of posts on my yoga journeys and well as just my overall fitness and healthy living life, and I’m bringing my family up on this cloud 9 with me (well just the healthy living part, I don’t think Miette’s ready for yoga classes and marathon training quite yet). 

And to think today started out just like any other with a yummy spinach and cheese omelette (have to sneak in those veggies so Miette doesn’t suspect a thing) and homemade cranberry banana granola bar 


Then I enjoyed my Intro to Cycle class at the Y. Not quite sure on that one yet but I’m willing to give it a couple of classes before I decide if it’s right for me. I love to bike but the cycling class might just have to wait till I get into a little bit of a better shape because that 30 min intro class kicked my little patootie. So when I got home I wasn’t much into cooking something unique for little one so I decided today for lunch and dinner we were going to try to get rid of the leftovers in the fridge to free up space. Lunch consisted of fish fillet, peas,and half a rice cake and dinner was chicken, zucchini boat with rice, and spinach (spinach mostly ended on the floor) 


Dinner when I remembered to take a picture of it


During the day I cleaned out one of the downstairs rooms that is,excuse me, was filled with junk from the move (yes I know its been almost 8 months). I made it into a playroom for the wee one so I could reclaim our living room and not constantly more everything every single morning and night. I also made another batch of whole wheat bread and this one turned out amazing! So delicious! I made a cucumber sandwich for dinner with it.


Hummus slathered on the bread, Cucumber with splash of balsamic vinegar and apple slices


Time to do a little research with a Blue Moon in hand. 

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