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Doing What We Do

July 31, 2010

Had a very chill and relaxing day today. I finally put the finishing touched to Miette’s playroom Ta-Da!

Still needs some decor and what not but for right now its perfect for this on-the-go girl. She has all that space and she can stretch out those green bean legs.

Yesterday we went to Martins, a grocery store that took over Ukrops, to check out their prices and their selection of organic and natural foods. I have to say I’m pretty impressed. Nice big area for organic nuts such as myself and at fairly decent prices (didn’t like the $10 almond butter though) So I got to pick up some Barney Almond Butter (haven’t tried almond butter out at all and this brand seems to stand out to a few peeps). I’ll give it a go tomorrow for breakfast.

As for today we had amazingness for lunch.

Tuna Fish! I completely love tuna fish topped with cucumber! For the tuna fish I just add 1/3 cup mayo to 2 cans of tuna and 1 celery stalk chopped up, then about 1 tbsp. old bay.

With Water.

I meant to go out to the gym today but I didn’t realize that their childwatch thing was only from like 7-12:30 so maybe I’ll go for a run later 😦

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