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August 3, 2010

I’d have to say that right now the hardest part about doing yoga is remembering to breathe. That’s a new realization for me, I don’t ever just take a moment to concentrate on my breathing. Some days I have to actually have to step back from my life and just say to myself “Just Breathe Candice, your making it way more difficult than it needs to be” So this is a fight for me in yoga class. Though the teacher is constantly saying “inhale then exhale” my selective hearing kicks in and two minutes later I realize “I Need To Take A Breath!” That’s definitely something I need to get better on.  

My other difficulty is the breathing techniques. I am very much a high breather and now I’m in the process of teaching myself the low breath. Inhaling so that my stomach is “puffing” out rather than my chest. So I never have the chance to actually clear my mind when its all cluttered with remembering to breathe and breather correctly lol. I’m sure it gets easier as you do it more so I’ll see how I do at tomorrow’s class 🙂  

But today’s eats included a salad for mom and cucumbers with hummus for baby  



Chicken, Rice, and Tomato Burritos for dinner:  


Did I mention Toshi is back in our lives!! Yay!!  

Toshi loves sitting in Miette's lap for some reason

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