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I am carnival act

August 4, 2010

We all had a a lot of fun yesterday. Even the two hour drive to my hometown and back wasn’t as bad as it normally is. My parents fed us some delicious tacos before we headed out to the carnival.

Miette didn’t really want her’s so she received some watermelon instead.

Then it was off to the carnival we go. This was perfect since it was the perfect time to take a few You Capture pictures (summer theme!)…first we hit up the carousel

Then some spinny cloud ride for the wee ones. I am not a spinny type person. The carousel is about to my extent of going in a circle. So I let Daddy take charge on the rest of the rides (which their weren’t many we could actually do)

Her Pe-paw (my father) took her on a firetruck ride (we thought it would be appropriate since he is a fireman lol)

Then my parents turn for a ride on the carousel

And a duck game with mommy (I can do those really well!). Miette would not pick up a duck though. So i had to switch her off to my dad to do so.

And that leaves us off to this morning. I cooked up some banana oatmeal and added some blueberries and honey almond granola from Good Foods, then a bit of Barney Almond Butter. It was good but for some reason I just wasn’t feeling it today. so we opted for some organic Lundberg Rice Cakes

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