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One by One

August 5, 2010

Mmmmm..started the day out with one of these and some water as a hit up the gym. This Clif bar was very tasty and hit the spot and gave me just the right amount of pick me up to get an extra 10 minutes on the elliptical 


Then the babe and I went to Farmville to see two of my college besties. One bestie lives in Mass. but she was down this week visiting so of course I had to see her. We met up and said farewell to my other bestie Courtney M. who lives in “Farm Vegas” and had to work (*sad face*) and headed over to Macados! I love love love Macados if you haven’t noticed from my large amount of Macados pint glasses. I had a Johnee Dee which is grilled chicken on bagel with Lettuce and Tomato and I’m sure some other stuff while Miette got a plain three cheese quesidilla   

Yes I already bit into before I remembered to take a pic


There's a piece missing...hmmmm


There it is!!


Smirkin at Sarah


Then we came home and had to split one of these because they are so delicious!!!   


Thankfully we got home right before a huge severe thunderstorm hit (listening to it as I write actually) My parents were watching the tele (we don’t have cable or anything) and said they just did a segment of Midlothian Turnpike, which is literally 2 minutes away from us, and it’s waist deep water…ahh!!

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