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With A White Line

August 25, 2010

Yesterday was a huge cardio day for me. I ran about 2 miles in the mornin. after fueling up on some overnight oats which included:

1 cup oats
Almond Milk
Chia Seeds
Then in the morning a peach was included.

About an hour after my run we all decided to go out for a bike ride. A Bike Ride that Lasted 20 miles! My longest bike ride ever and it felt amazing! I was sore afterward but not today. This Luna Bar helped out.

My first Luna and it was tasty! I love this flavour and I see many more in the near future.

Daddy made dinner for us last night and it was super good. Go Dad!!! Spaghetti, not sure how he made it or what he put in it but he did say a few ingredients such as BBQ sauce, Tabasco Chipotle Sauce, Spinach and Chive Linguine Noodles, and Trader Joe’s Spaghetti Sauce.

With some Iced Tea.

And today was no workout unfortunately since it was so nice and cool! Hopefully tomorrow will just as nice so I can get in a beautiful run. No workout doesn’t mean I didn’t move my booty all day cleaning and trying to get the house all organized, which I have yet to finish. Made a really good concoction though for dinna.

1 bag frozen broccoli cuts
1 cup rice, cooked
1 can cream of mushroom soup
Choice of Cheeses
Preheat oven to 370. Mix the rice, frozen broccoli, and cream of mushroom soup in baking dish. Bake for 40 minutes, Take out and top with cheeses (I uses two slices american and about half a block of Colby and monteray jack) Bake for 10 minutes or until cheese melts. Enjoy

 Right now I am relaxing and enjoying some Green Tea and a square of organic dark chocolate

It was a full square…..

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