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Float On My Back

August 29, 2010

I am not a yogurt fan. Not one bit. But I am trying because I know how good it is for the body. Today my attempt at yogurt was a parfait in a sorts

Stonyfield French Vanilla Yogurt
Organic Strawberry Preserves
Organic Honey Almond Granola

I figured the preserves and the granola would hide the fact that I was indeed eating yogurt. I don’t know what it is about it that makes me cringe really. The taste, the texture and thought of it just irks me to the bone but since I’m on this new mission to try to eat healthier that includes foods that I may not have liked before including yogurt. I’m thinking of it as wine; an acquired taste (I am not a wino at all. I just started warming up to Sauvignon Blanc recently) I did have a few spoonfuls of this mix before handing it off to the babe who loves yogurt!! She absolutely loves it for some weird reason lol.

Since I’m starting to eat and be healthy that includes getting up and running. I like to run its just getting myself out there to do it in the first place is the hard part. It’s such a joy to have a baby that sleeps in till 10 that I will just sleep on and on and on until I hear her rustling awake. subconsciously I tell myself “hey, most parents aren’t this lucky to be sleeping at this time so you better make the most of it” but there’s another softer voice telling me “you need to get up and run, you always feel energized after a run SO GET UP” but yet my sleepy side wins. Thats a struggle I’m facing this week because by the time I actually get up its noon and its way to hot to start a run. So I’m writing that tomorrow I’m getting up and running in the early peaks of day. I’m determined and if I write it on here I will do it. So wish me luck!

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