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Fantastic Weekend

September 6, 2010

We all headed to Lancaster VA to visit my family this weekend. My father organizes and heads the Labor Day festival for fundraising for the Upper Lancaster Volunteer Fire Department he’s in called Lively Days. I try to go every year :). We drove the 2 hour drive Friday night and then continued to stay up due to Miette’s refusual to sleep at all! No sleep……not a nice night. So the next morning I was in need of some energiezed fun running with my sister. I’m acutually surprised that she came running with me when I told her my plans for a ~5 miler and the fact it was 7 in the morning (she’s not a morning person). But she came! It was so much fun, we used to run together before I left for college so this was a nice nostalgic run for both of us. This was the longest run I’ve ever done! Granted I didn’t run the entire way and took more walking breaks than I would have liked but it felt super good. 

When we made it back home I slurped down this smoothie 


this mix included:
1 banana
handful of grapes
two handfuls of frozen strawberries
1 tsp. of Trader Joes Hemp Vanilla Protein Powder
1 tsp. chia seeds

Usually on Lively Day its sweltering (last year I was literally soaked through with sweat….nasty) but this year was the perfect day for it. It was an astonishing 83 degrees outside and the breeze felt so cool and delicious. 

me and the babe walking off stage

My sister getting crowned Miss Upper Lancaster

My sis and my dad

Daddy and Baby watching the parade


Completely Zonked after a full day without a nap

My sis's new yorkie pup: Zeus! So adorable

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