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Morally Ideal

September 7, 2010

Both Daddy and I have big dreams. Big dreams that are large-scale and some/most on a more personal smaller scale. One thing I love about my boy is that on the most important issues we are generally on the same page. Here’s just a few of the things that we want and few ideals mixed in:  

1. It’s important to both of us that Miette eat healthy. We like to promote eating locally to cut down the cost that brand name foods take to transport and also to encourage more local farming and trading. I would buy a local homemade jar of grape jam over Smuckers any day. Most things Miette eats and enjoys is organic and pesticide free which includes: peanut butter, fruits, veggies, milk, yogurt. Neither one of us wants her growing up pumped full of processed foods, sugar, toxins and hormones. Even though we receive a few dirty looks from my family (cough cough) I think it’ll be better for Miette, for us and for the world  

2. Let our Garden Grow, at least attempt. We moved into our current house in January of this year and have been working hard at all the renovations and landscape. It’s difficult when working with the outside of our house because it’s super shady due to the trees but there is one little section right at the front of the house that receives a fair amount of sunshine. Daddy and I have been talking about growing a small little garden right there next spring, just get prepared and get the ground ready for it. I’m hoping to pull off some homegrown tomatoes and peppers next summer! 

3. Cluck Cluck! Daddy and I were just talking yesterday about the option of rasing some chickens in our backyard. I looked at our county’s legislation and unfortunately they say if you live on less than 3 acres in Chesterfield than no go for chicks but there is an appeal form and process to go through so I think we are going to at least try! 


4. Ian is super interested in alternative engery, and when I wrtie interested I mean completely fascinated borderline obsessed with us going off grid (I love this guy!) He is looking into solar and wind power and we are most likely going to invest in it when the time is right. He would also like to find some line of work in that field which would be a dream come true for him.  [source]  

P.S heres a great post by Rebekah (a fellow Richmond blogger!) about labels that I love.

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