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Happiness of this work

September 20, 2010

My Mom and little sister came to visit with us this past weekend. We hit up the Rockwood Park with the wee one on Saturday and my Mother taught me how to wash my windows (which I didn’t know I didn’t know how to do it…she proved me wrong lol) then on Sunday on our drive back to Lancaster we stopped by Belle Isle which is this beautiful park in Richmond.

It was a great day outside and the water was nice and chilly and felt amazing dipping our feet in (except Miette, whose feet did not want to touch the water). After our afternoon stroll and fun in the sun on the James we were starving! So we drove around for a bit looking for a diner that Ian took me for our first “date” (even though we weren’t really dating then but just getting to know one another…so cute). The Virginia Cafe is super awesome. I probably wouldn’t go there all the time but it’s a great atmosphere with great variety of music playing (always a plus!). I loved the mini pitchers as cups! I ordered the Reuben which I’ve never really ordered before and can’t say I liked it but that’s due to me not liking the sandwich and not the place, my mom ordered the BBQ sandwich and that looked delicious and she agreed.


Nothing much planned for the week. I’m still working out a schedule for all of us and try to get us in a routine with me joining the workforce (once again) its much harder than I thought it was going to be. But I thrive when I get to organize and schedule.

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