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Music is my life

September 21, 2010
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My iPod is MIA!! I can’t seem to remember where I put it and this is definitely a life or death situation. I need my music. I really need it. I went to go for a run this morning and spent the entire mornin looking for my magical motivational friend that keeps me pumped on my runs. To no avail. Blah! So I hurriedly packed my lunch which was good but not great. Why did I not think to put anything else on it such as sunflower seeds or craisins? But it was still yummy

I really need to think of other things to take for lunch but it’s a little harder becuase I dont have a microwave or a fridge or anything. So my lunches need to be super easy and no hassle. I think that’s what Ill do today as I try to remember where that sneaky little music keeper is.

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