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Doing What I Do

September 26, 2010

My family came to visit Friday night and Saturday so I could take my sisters senior pics here in Richmond since its so prettiful. First we took pictures at the beautiful Maymont and explored places I had never seen there before. Usually we just peruse the animal farm down to the Japanese Gardens but Saturday I saw the mansion and the Italian Gardens.

I even had to do a little photo walk.

Miette got in on some action in the Japanese Gardens

Then to Belle Isle for some more photos

My Family enjoying the sweltering hot day at the end of September….

And Zeus enjoyed (well I shouldn’t say enjoy) managed to go swimming in the James

I was wiped out after they left! So exhausted but still made it through the two last episodes of Doctor Who and 1 Firefly before hitting the hay. It was so hard getting up this morning to run but I did it! And I pumped out a 1.5 mile run much to my surprise after having the sniffles and a little whooping-cough this morning. The ipod (which was found yesterday thank the lordy!!) provided me with some kick ass music which included:

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