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September 27, 2010

I’ve been thinking a lot about the changes I’ve made in my life these past two years. Two years ago I was partying like a rockstar every night all night.Having the time of my life and doing what I did best, being the college party girl.

I wasn’t eating healthy when I was eating (my diet mainly included Natty Light, Bacardi 151, and double cheeseburgers from McD’s) Looking back I can’t see how I did it, and how many people are still doing it! I can barely handle two drinks before not wanting to go any further, I just don’t have that mentality anymore which is great! I guess having 9 months to not drink and actually be sober enough to look around and see what people do and act like when their drunk helped. Don’t get me wrong though, some drunk peeps are funny and can have a great time and I’m not going against drinking and having fun. But looking back I think I was enjoying way to much and just not enjoying life. It is fun to hang out with friends and drink but its all the more fun because its such a rare occurrence for me now. I do enjoy the beverage of course

I probably have a beer 5 nights a week. One bottle of beer if that (most of the time I only drink half before handing it off to Daddy) I enjoy the taste of beer and love trying all types out. But I don’t drink to get drunk, that’s only occasionally with friends. I like this new mentality. I enjoy feeling great in the morning and not hungover, not reeking of alcohol all day from the night before, not being able to actually do anything strenuous because my stomach is sore from drinking, remembering the conversations I’ve had. It’s nice. Very Very nice.

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