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Better Than Never

October 4, 2010

A first time last night…making choco chip cookies from scratch..mmmmmm

Look at them beauties. So delicious! They were supposed to be nice and small and fluffy but they turned out then and crispy and o so good! I liked them even better with their own imperfections. I followed Jenna’s Perfect Chocolate Chip recipe pretty much to the T except I forgot to whisk then repeat several times….oops but these were seriously so good it didn’t matter. By the time I got up this morning those three batches of cookies were down to 4….hmmmm I wonder where they went, I only had 2.

This morning’s run was chilly. I was tempted to go back and grab a jacket but I knew once I started I would warm up in no time. The ground was wet I guess we had a rainstorm last night. Perfect running conditions

Running back up to the house I saw two figures in the doorway awaiting my triumphant return. Nice to see both my babys out and about.

Post run breakfast included strawberry yogurt with granola and coconut flakes.

Im really beginning to enjoy me some yogurt

Tonight I wanted to try this Scalloped Tomatoes with Croutons out but I did a couple slight variations and enjoyed a cookie while cooking.

Didn’t quite turn out the way I wanted so I wont post what I did but definitely up for further experimentations lol.

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