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Pumpkin Bumkin

October 21, 2010

This was a first time for Miette and I at the Chesterfield Berry Farm’s Pumpkin Festival this past weekend. Mom’s got in free and Miette was young enough to get in free as well! So we only paid $11.95 to get in. It was so much fun and they had a lot there to look at and do for the price.

When we first go in we of course went straight to the wine tasting to see what that was all about. It was 1 buck to try a sip of like 12 wines from Peaks of Otter Winery. So Good it was a warm day and most of the wines were light and fruity. I should have wrote down the ones I liked but my fav was a peach wine! Delicious!  Then after Ian and I got our drank on we checked out the toddler play area which wasn’t too eventful but did have a lot of little trices for the kiddies to play on. Miette’s feet couldn’t quite reach 🙂

They had a lot of other cool things such as a huge corn maze, pony rides, a haunted house and the like but Miette was a tad to young to enjoy those. But they had a little farm zoo thing going on that all of us loved.

You would think I was born in the city rather than the country with the way I gushed over all the farm animals. But hey, yeah I have no excuse they were so darn cute.  After checking out everything else the place had to offer we got in line for the hay ride over to the pumpkins. It was a beautiful bumpy ride

The little one and Daddy picked out the perfect orange pumpkin while I wanted a sloppy green one just cuz I fell in love with it at first sight. But both in total only cost us $5.59 for both pumpkins. I say we made out quite fine that day!

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