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This is me, Candice

This is my beautiful daughter Miette

Everyday is one step closer to becoming who we are and who we chose to be. Even though I disagree with labeling due to the implications (such as a labeled “bad boy” may continue to act out as such to live up to that label and is handicapped by society because of that label) I do believe that if we give ourselves positive labels to aspire to it helps us on our journey (yeah, I liked Sociology class) Some labels that I would like to live up to: mother, lover, daughter, runner, healthy, respectful, giving. It’s extremely hard to live up to such a high expectation of yourself but it’s very rewarding. Not to say I don’t get angry and do something I regret the next day like a normal person I just want to make less of those regretful decisions. I want to live with my choices and be happy that they are the right ones. I want to show my daughter how to live a happy life just as my parents taught me. To be happy with who you are and to support the ones you love when they need you, those are the two greatest aspects my parents taught me in life and I more that anything want to teach Miette the same.

They taught me to stand on my own two feet which is still something 22 years later I am still learning and they are still teaching

Sometimes in life you just need to relax and live a little. The little memories count.

A few recent goals and loves of mine I want to share:

I am a new “runner” if you would call it that. I love to get out there in the morning air and run even though I might not love it so much right at the beginning. I decided not to run any races this year but to just gain my running legs and give myself personal goals to accomplish. I can’t run 5 miles without stopping or let alone 3….yet. I don’t run every single day its just when I can actually get up in the mornings early enough so I’m not late to work.

I do have a boyfriend (not husband…..yet lol) and he is Miette’s father and he’s the best father (besides my own!) but he likes his privacy though every once in awhile I will sneak a pic of him on here.

Eating healthy and natural is new to me so it’s still a  work in progress. I want to eat more fresh produce from the market (supporting local small farms) but I still crave a disgustingly tasty and sweet krispy kreme or a bag of skittles which I will never turn down.

P.S: I have horrible grammar and spelling so just stick in there and if your a English teacher or professor don’t bother because it’s going to be like this the whole time 🙂

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