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I’m an avid reader and here is my hit list of the bomb diggity bomb of books, also with a side of children’s books I love to read to the Little One.

The Freedom Manifesto- Tom Hodgkinson
Of Bee’s and Mist-Erick Setiwan

My Reading List for this year:

Of Bees and Mist-Erik Setiwan
The End of the Alphabet-CS Richardson
The Sharper Your Knife, The Less You Cry-Kathleen Flinn

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle- Barbara Kingsolver
The Swan Thieves- Elizabeth Kostova
This I Believe- Jay Allison

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle-David Wroblewski
The Secret Scripture-Sebastion Barry
The Last Chinese Chef-Nicole Mones
Hooked-Matt Richtel
The View From the Garden City-Carolyn Bough
If you have any reccommendation, I am always on the lookout of a great book to read. Just leave a comment or shoot me a email!

October 2010

This I believe-Jay Allison
The Secret Scripture- Sebastian Barry
The Story of Edgar Sawtelle- David Wbolewski

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