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River City

Here is anything local that I love and enjoy including good eating areas and shopping musts


Verry Berry is the frozen yogurt joint here that I’ve been too. Self-serve and delicious! There’s one on Broad St. and one small one in Short Pump by the Trader Joes. The posts: Frozen Yo Yummy


Agees Bicycles is where we get our bike accessories such as our little ones bike carrier and her helmet. Daddy also got his Trek from them a few years ago. The posts: Defying Gravity , Its Twas A Success!! ,

Stony Point Fashion Park is the best outdoor mall ever! One main love about it is you can bring your dog and all the stores are dog friendly. Its so cute seeing all the dog bowls of water sitting outside of the storefront. Along with bringing your dog its great for small kids due to the shooting fountains in the middle for them to play and run around in. Plus if that didn’t sell you they have an Anthropologie store! I love love love that place. The posts: Shooting Fountains


Midlothian Mines Park is small but gorgeous. It has a nice asphalt walkway (awesome for a stroller) all the way around a lake full of wildlife.   

Pony Pasture on James River is the most wonderful place to go for a dip. It’s mostly pretty shallow on the sides but don’t let that fool you because the rapids are pretty strong considering. We love to go there on a nice hot day to sit on the rocks and dip Miette in the water. The posts: The Worth of Water, I’m Feeling Hot Hot Hot,

Children’s Museum of Richmond is really neat but just not the perfect place for a baby at that price. They do have a little “Baby Barn” but if your child can’t walk and really interact with things there’s only so much you can do. I can’t wait till Miette is older to take her there though, for older children its great! The posts: C-MOR Fun

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