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Out in the Rain

September 29, 2010

Look what I saw when I walked out this morning for my run!

RAIN!!!! I love it!!!! I love running in the RaiN!!!! Absolutely love it! The run was nice and cool and I was soaked by the end of it and it was so GREAT! Sorry….i really really really love to run in rain, brings me back to cross country in high school

I only ran about 2 miles but at the end I felt like I could have run a lot more because I was feeling really good at the end. The only thing I am having a problem with in running is my breathing. I get out of breathe so quickly but today after the first .5 I got in my groove and was fine.

Post Run I had a coconut water and banana. Coconut water was yucky. I’m going to get another flavor and try just the coconut water without anything else because I think the mango and peach puree was a little to much for me

I only drank about half then tossed the rest and ate the banana while I fried me up a little chicken baby.

With a cold WMJ (water in a mason jar)

I was definitely in a blogging mood today so took a ton of pictures which I haven’t been doing recently so today is such a great day. The rain is very refreshing (I promise to stop talking about the rain lol) Also another new development, I am looking to start a book club (a real one) here in Richmond. I have looked at some of them out there on but its hard for me to meet at their times so I would love to get together a smaller group of peeps to talk about books. Talking about book reminds me that yesterday Miette and I stopped by the library and I picked up three more books

This I Believe I by Jay Allison

The Secret Scripture by Sebastian Barry

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle by David Wroblewski

Now its working time

Miette contributed the Cherrio on the  floor

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